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Products known for quality and innovation.

We provide High-Efficiency Heating equipment including residential and commercial cast iron boilers, high efficiency condensing boilers, compact wall hung boilers, indirect domestic hot water tanks, solar panels, radiators and control packages that can integrate the boiler room equipment for optimized comfort and energy savings.


Arctic Cool Chiller Group manufactures a wide variety or standard designs of chillers. Customer requirements often call for something special.

Arctic cool manufactures the most diverse and complelling range of water cooled and air cooled chillers leveraging the remarkable magnetic bearing Danfoss Turbocore compressors. These chillers are Oil-free and have integrated VSD. We include superior engineered advances such as interstage cooling, liquid subcooling, “clean while running strainers”, integrated automatic free cooling, simultaneous heating and cooling, integrated heat recovery modes and temperature controls.

Water Heaters

The future is now with Tankless Water Heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters provide endless hot water with lower fuel usage, they are serviceable for long life and investment, provide fuel savings, space savings and are the modern domestic hot water heating appliance.


Our solar panel packages are complete domestic hot water heating solutions integrating the best available solar components.

Systems are designed to maximize the solar gain utilizing our award winning flat plate solar collectors and indirect domestic hot water strorage tanks. Its controls strategically allow solar as first stage of heating and high efficiency boilers as the second stage.

Fernox Water Treatment

Fernox HVAC and Boiler Treatment Chemicals “make water work”. FERNOX understands the chemistry of water and interaction with multi-metal hydronic systems. FERNOX non-toxic, environmentally friendly conditioners are designed for keeping boiler side solutions crystal clear.

FERNOX provides conditioners for removing sludge and cleaning existing systems, conditioning new systems, lime de-scaling of domestic hot water systems, reducing boiler noise, leak sealers, magnetite filters, multi-metal compatible glycols and water test kits. Contractors now have FERNOX solutions to ensure hydronic system efficiency and longevity.