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“Klimatrol Environmental Systems has the specialized suppliers, knowledgeable enthusiastic staff,
and the highest quality products, so you can exceed your project needs with confidence.”

- Mark Euteneier

Lindner Ceilings

Klimatrol provides a full array of Ceiling Systems by Lindner, giving any room in your project the stunning and functional results you are looking for. MORE »

Lindner Raised Floors

We bring you the most impressive Lindner Raised Floor solutions to meet your projects’ aesthetic needs and technical requirements. MORE »

Floor Heating & Snow Melt

Klimatrol brings the ultimate in comfort and energy savings to your building environment –well designed, highest quality, Klimatrol ensures your buildings are the best. MORE »

Hydronic Heating

We specialize in high quality Custom Residential, Commercial and Institutional heating and cooling equipment supply and service. MORE »