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Floor Heating & Cooling


Floor heating and cooling systems are continuing to increase in market share due to our quality products, energy savings realized and the optimal comfort provided by our systems.

With sales of floor heating products to professional heating contractors on thousands of projects Klimatrol technicians can assist your firm in achieving the highest quality installation at the most competitive price.

For security and peace of mind we only sell the best products available and that is why we have partnered with Rehau. Rehau, originally from Germany, was the first company in the world to license the patent to manufacture RAUPEX-a cross-linked polyethylene pipe. Since then Rehau, who are polymer solution manufacturing specialists with a name synonymous with quality, we have had no known failures in over 40 years.

Rehau’s accelerated testing on RAUPEX-a pipe indicates RAUPEX-a pipe installed in building structures will last in excess of 200 years and/or for the life of the building. Due to Rehau’s high level of manufacturing and product quality control we at Klimatrol is confident that our properly designed and installed floor heating and cooling systems will provide building owners with many years of superior operation.

To integrate and complete the heating system package we also represent take the same care and concern on our boiler, solar panel and heat pump product offerings.