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Floor Heating & Cooling


For ultimate home comfort and energy savings radiant floor heating the entire residence is the best, however, we often supply equipment packages for the basement concrete slab on grade only or additionally the main floor and 2nd floor areas get heated with floor heat either with our 5/8” Raupanel system or joist space aluminum heat transmission plates or with the RAUPEX-a pipe pneumatically stapled down to the top of the wooden subfloor and then embedded in a tile grout or thin cement or “gypsum based light weight” cement topping.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems provide:

  • No dust, germs, odours for increased health
  • No drafts across floor when doors are open as heat rises
  • Warm feet cool head for our optimum human temperature profile
  • Room zone controls allow owners to save energy when the room is empty
  • Very quiet noiseless operation, no air duct noise
  • No air duct grilles in the floor and reduced or no air ducts bulkheads in the ceilings allowing bigger windows, unrestricted furniture placement and more usable space.

We provide

  1. Project heatloss analysis
  2. Floor heat pipe field shop drawing layouts
  3. Mechanical room piping and electrical control schematics (including boilers, Heat pumps, Geothermal Pipe Fields, Solar Panels, Domestic Hot Water Tanks, Combined heat and power (CHP’s) Units
  4. Field visits to support the mechanical heating contractor
  5. System inspection prior to concrete or drywall installation
  6. Control programming
  7. Owner training

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